My Cricut Storage Idea

Many people talk & share their ideas for how to store the Cricut Cartridges & Keypad Overlays on the Cricut Message Board. I thought I would "show off" my idea.

The box I'm using to hold the cartridges is available at most major craft stores for a few dollars. The way I'm storing the keypad overlays is with a coupon organizer I got at Office Max. It's the larger sized one available in the binder & folders section. it's basically a small accordian file. It was around $8.00. The binder I made is from the Dollar Store. Inside I've printed out the sample pages which are available for download at the Cricut Cartridge Library


susan said...

i would love to know what are the numbers on your coupond thing for overlays how do you know which one go with your cartage. alos the tabs in your binder how do you have them label. and where did you out your handbooks i find them so helpful sometimes. I love this idea very much.