News from Eva Marina Scraps

Well, I'm happy to report that Eva Marina is back to designing after a little hiatus! The really good news is that she is back with a bang. She is offering a grab bag for the first time, and it's only $3.00. This is a steal because you are getting a TON of new products, and a lot of them are geared toward p365/p52 or any other daily/weekly/monthly/yearly project you might be working on. Even if you aren't doing anything like that, this grab bag will still be a great asset to you because it is stuffed with what I consider "basics". Papers, elements, and alphas that I know I'll be reaching for time and again. I'm sure you will to! I just downloaded it and after extracting everything, I've got 270MB of goodies to play with. Click the preview to visit Eva's store and pick this up!

She's also having a sale if you're looking to pick up any of her other great kits, for a great price!!